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How to identify the Mercedes Benz transmission model you have from a stamped code on transmission casing

Identification of a Mercedes Benz Transmission, or (Gearbox) as they are also referred to, can be accomplished by following these guidelines.

Locate a code that is stamped on the exterior of the transmission casing.

This code will help to decipher several factors including: Part Number, Version, Number of Forward Gears, Automatic or Standard Shift, Input Torque, Production Number, etc.

By retrieving this code, you will be able to locate the corresponding transmission manuals in our database that can help you perform service and repairs as needed on your gearbox.

Mercedes Benz Multi Speed Automatic Shift Transmission Models Listed By Date Of Introduction

Mercedes-Benz uses the number “722” to identify automatic transmissions

Mercedes Benz Standard Mechanical Manual Shift Transmission Models Listed By Date Of Introduction