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To my fellow MB Enthusiasts; This website is dedicated to all you Mercedes Benz enthusiasts that like to tinker with your car and keep it up and running.

Whether your vehicle is a classic show car, or a daily driver, we have a smorgasbord of technical data and workshop manuals that we will continue to maintain and compile for your easy access to the repair manuals you need.

So we dedicate this site to all MB Enthusiast…. Enjoy!

Letter to the editor…

Hi there –
I first ran across your page a few years ago and again lately. I really feel the need to give you a thumbs up and thanks for compiling so much useful information in one place for our fellow enthusiasts.

I’m in Newport Beach. One of my Mercedes cars is a Lapis blue 380SLC. I’m just now installing a more modern driveline in that car. The donor I chose for most of the gear was a 91’ 560SEL. This is a fairly straight-forward swap as these things go. I’ve seen 107s with MB 6.3, 6.9, 119, and V12s, and even Chevy engines installed. Nevertheless, your website holds a wealth of information to help with these types of projects.

Hey thanks again, I hope your website is around for a long long time, as I intend to be back whenever I am in need of additional literature for repairs, maintenance, or modifications.

Phil G.