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MB 188 - W188 Service Repair Manuals

Mercedes W188 Service Repair Manuals

The Mercedes-Benz W188 Series debued in October 1951, when Daimler-Benz launched the 300 S at the Paris Motor Show. It was a two-door luxury sports tourer produced by Mercedes-Benz between 1951 and 1958. These were Mercedes Benz's most expensive and exclusive automobiles of the time, the elegant, hand-built 300 S (1951-1954) and its successor 300 Sc (1955-1958) were the pinnacle of the Mercedes line of their era. Jump to Manuals

These vehicles offered conservative styling along with technological advances, sharing numerous design innovations and mechanical components with the iconic Mercedes-Benz 300 SL "Gullwing", including engine, suspension, and chassis.

The Mercedes-Benz hand-built two-door 300 S (W188) was introduced at the Paris Salon in October 1951. It was available as a 2-seat roadster, or 2+2 coupé, and cabriolet (with landau bars, officially Cabriolet A).

Mercedes Benz W188 Production Specs Sheet

The 300 S was fitted with the M188 engine, a high-performance version of the W186's 3.0 L (2996 cc/182 in³) overhead cam, aluminum head straight-6 M186. After minor engine tweaks made in 1952, the car went through a mid-life facelift in 1955 when it saw the introduction of several augments such as a rear "low-pivot" independent suspension and a new mechanical direct fuel injected M199.980 engine in the Sc model, boosting the straight-6's engine power output to 175 PS (129 kW; 173 hp) at 5400 rpm. Only a pair of chrome strips on either side of the hood visually distinguished it from its precursor.

Mercedes Benz 188 - W188  Models

Model Chassis Code Years Produced # Built Engine
300S Cabriolet A 188.000 1951-1955 203 188.920
300S Coupe 188.011 1951-1955 216 188.920
300S Roadster 188.012 1952-1955 141 188.920
300Sc Cabriolet A 188.013 1956-1957 49 199.980
300Sc Coupe 188.014 1955-1958 98 199.980
300Sc Roadster 188.015 1956-1958 53 199.980

The 1951 300 S hit the market positioned as a particular representative car with a sporty touch – meeting the highest demands made on road-holding, safety and speed. Described as “the car for the world elite” and “the yardstick for what is feasible in contemporary automotive engineering.” The original brochure advertised these cars as refined, a car which will inspire the sporty driver with its elegant lines that harmonize exceptionally well with a modern design.”

Mercedes Benz W188 Series Workshop Manuals

Mercedes Benz W188 Classic Car Workshop Manuals

W188 Mercedes Benz vehicles were manufactured in the years 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958 and included models 300S Cabriolet A, 300S Coupe, 300S Roadster, 300Sc Cabriolet A, 300Sc Coupe, 300Sc Roadster.

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