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MB 136 - W136 Service Repair Manuals

Mercedes W136 Service Repair Manuals

The Mercedes-Benz W136 was Mercedes-Benz's line of inline-four cylinder automobiles from the mid-1930s into the 1950s. The 1.7 liter four cylinder rear wheel-drive Mercedes-Benz 170 V (W136) was introduced in 1936 to replace the 1.7 liter six-cylinder Mercedes-Benz 170 (W15). The model 170 V made its public debut as successor to the W15 Type 170 in February 1936. Between 1936 and 1939 it was Mercedes' top selling model. Jump to Manuals

Between 1936 and 1942 over 75,000 were built making it by far the most popular Mercedes-Benz model up till that point. Enough of the W136's tooling survived Allied bombing during World War II (or could be recreated post-war) for it to serve as the foundation upon which the company could rebuild. By 1947 the model 170 V had resumed its place as Mercedes' top-seller, a position it held until 1953.

The "V" in the 170 V's name was an abbreviation of "Vorn" (front), added to differentiate it from the contemporary rear-engined Mercedes-Benz 170H (W28) ("H" for "Heck", rear) which used the same four cylinder 1697cc engine, but positioned at the back of the car..

The “Mercedes-Benz W136

Mercedes Benz W136 Production Specs Sheet

The range of different body types offered in the 1930s for the W136 170 V was unusually broad. A four-door "Cabrio-Limousine" combined the four doors of the four-door "Limousine" with a full length foldaway canvas roof. The four door bodies were quickly adapted for taxi work, with large luggage racks at the back. There was a two-door two-seater "Cabriolet A" and a two-door four-seater "Cabriolet B" both with luggage storage behind the seats and beneath the storage location of the hood when folded (but without any external lid for accessing the luggage from outside the car).

A common feature of the 170 V bodies was external storage of the spare wheel on the car's rear panel. The two-seater roadster featured a large flap behind the two seats with a thinly upholstered rear partition, which could be used either as substantial luggage platform or as an additional - uncomfortable - bench, the mother-in-law seat.

In February 1936, at the International Motor and Motorcycle Show in Berlin, Daimler-Benz presented the 170 V W137, and 170 H W28 Series among other new passenger car models. Development of the 170 V, which had been given the in-house code W 136, had begun as early as 1933. The "V" in the model designation indicated that the engine was at the front, this distinguish the new 1.7‑litre model not only from its predecessor, the 170, but also from its rear-engined counterpart, the 170 H.


Mercedes Benz 136 - W136  Models

Model Chassis Code Engine Years Produced # Built
170V Pre-War 136   1936-  
170V 136.010 136.920/1 1946-1950



170Va 136.060 136.923 1950-1952
170Vb 136.060 136.923 1952-1953
170S 136.040 136.922 1949-1952 28,764
170S Cabriolet A 136.042 136.922 1949-1951 830
170S Cabriolet B 136.043 136.922 1949-1951 1,603
170S-V 136.081 136.926 1953-1955 3,122
170D 136.110 636.915 1949-1950



170Da 136.160 636.916 1950-1952
170Db 136.160 636.916 1952-1953
170DS 136.160 636.916 1952-1953
170S-D 136.181 636.931 1953-1955 14,887

In addition to the wide range of passenger bodied 170 V's, a small commercial variant was offered, either as a flatbed truck or with a box-body on the back. Special versions of the 170 V were adapted for use as ambulances or by the police, mountain rescue services, and military.

Mercedes Benz W136 Series Workshop Manuals

Mercedes Benz W136 Classic Car Workshop Manuals

In 1936, in parallel to the classic front-engine Mercedes-Benz 170 V, Daimler-Benz AG introduced the Mercedes-Benz 170 H which had the same engine as the 170 V, however with the rear engined architecture derived from the 130, its predecessor. The "H" stood for "Heckmotor", or rear engine. It stood in direct competition to the VW Beetle standard.

W136 Mercedes Benz vehicles were manufactured in the years 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, and included models 170V, 170H, 170Va, 170Vb, 170S, 170S Cabriolet A, 170S Cabriolet B, 170S-V, 170D, 170Da, 170Db, 170S-D among additional earlier models.

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