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MB 120 – W120 Service Repair Manuals

Mercedes W120 Service Repair ManualsThe Mercedes-Benz W120 180 was an inline-four cylinder sedan introduced by Mercedes-Benz in 1953. Powered initially by the company’s existing 1.8 liter M136 engine, it was sold as the Mercedes-Benz 180 through 1962. The 180 continued to use the 56 PS (41 kW; 55 hp) M136 engine until 1957, when it received a down-tuned version of the 190’s M121.

Various diesel powered 180s were produced from 1953 to 1962. Jump to Manuals

Often referred to as “Ponton’s” these sedans were the mainstay of Mercedes’ lineup during their production runs. Together with the more luxurious Mercedes-Benz W128 220SE they constituted 80% of Mercedes-Benz’ production between 1953 and 1959.

Mercedes Benz W120 Workshop Repair Manuals

Mercedes W120 Production Specs Sheet

The 180 manual collection below combines service and repair information for the Mercedes-Benz W120 180 Sedan’s, including models – 180, 108a, 180b, 180c, 180D, 180Db, 180Dc, along with variation Models that had a sunroof which applied to the chassis codes W120.011 and W120.111. An additional 3340 partial body W120 chassis versions were built.

The W121 180 along with the W121 190 and W128/W180 220-220S-220SE ‘Ponton’ models looked very similar in appearance.

From behind, it was hard to differentiate even the top of the line 220SE from a 180. However, a with a closer look one could identify the upscale six-cylinder 220 models by the longer wheelbase, bonnet, and luxury chrome details used for identifying them as upscale, six-cylinder models.

Mercedes W120 180 Sedan

The W120 180 and W121 190 sedans with 180-190 four-cylinders engines were widely used as German taxis. These shorter Ponton models featured low-wattage parking clearance lights with a simple left-right toggle above the driver’s left knee to select which side would illuminate. Heater air intakes were on both sides of the radiator grille on the 120 and 121 sedans.

W120 Ponton Sedan Saloon

Type Chassis Years Model Engine # Built
W120 120.010 1953-57 180 136.925 52,186
120.010 1957-59 180a 121.923 27,353
120.010 1959-61 180b 121.923 29,415
120.010 1961-62 180c 121.927 9,280
120.110 1953-59 180D 636.930 116,485
120.110 1959-61 180Db 636.930 24,676
120.110 1961-62 180Dc 621.914 11,822
Additional partial body W120 chassis units built 3,340
W120 sunroof models used chassis codes 120.011 and 120.111

Mercedes Benz W120 Service and Repair Manuals

W121 Mercedes Benz vehicles were manufactured in the years
1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963.

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Mercedes W120 180 Service Repair ManualsManual Covers W120 1953-1962 Models, – 283mb
180, 180a, 180b, 180c, 180D, 180Db, 180Dc Ponton Sedan
Parts catalog, Engine, Transmission, Electrical, Chassis, Heat System, Workshop Manuals

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Mercedes Benz W120 180 Owners ManualSelect Mercedes Benz Model Owners Manual Below

180, 180a, 180b, 180c, 180D, 180Db = Saloon, Ponton, Sedan

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Mercedes Electrical Wiring Diagram SchematicMercedes Benz W120 180 Electrical Diagrams .pdf
Electrical Diagram Schematic + Wiring Harness Loom

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Mercedes Scheduled Service Chart180, 180a, 180b, 180c, 180D, 180Db, 180Dc

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Mercedes W120 180 Service ManualW120 180 Service Manual 628 pages, 86.1mb .pdf
Mercedes 180,a,b,c,D,Db,Dc Service Manual

180 – 220SE Service Repair Manual

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